Appointments can be made either in person or by telephone when the surgery is open. You may book ahead & will usually be offered the first available appointment.

If your need is more urgent & you feel that you need to be seen quickly, please make that clear to the receptionist. Emergency cases will always be seen the same day. If you require a same day appointment, please call us as early as possible. Our telephone lines open at 08:00.

You may be asked by the receptionist the nature of your problem so that you can be given the most appropriate appointment or service and the doctor can be alerted about patients who need to be seen urgently. Of course, you can decline to tell the receptionist if you wish.

Please remember that appointments with doctors are for 10 minutes only, so it may not be possible to deal with more than one problem at a time. the doctor may deal with your most urgent problem & ask you to make a further appointment to discuss other less urgent concerns.

Please have consideration for other patients who also need time with the doctor.

Late arrival for appointments

If you arrive late for an appointment you maybe asked to book another appointment. If you have an urgent problem, the Receptionist may need to consult with the doctor.

You may have to wait until other patients have been seen as they should not be inconvenienced by your late arrival.

Telephone Advice – If you wish to speak to your doctor he/she is usually best contacted just before or after surgery.

We try to avoid interruptions during surgery as much as possible. Therefore, you may be asked to phone back or leave your telephone number for the doctor to contact you later.

Nurse Appointments

The Practice Nurse can carry out detailed checks and advise on the treatment of several medical conditions. Appointments are usually longer than 10 minutes, depending on the problem.

Pharmacy Associate

This role has been set up to advise patients with minor ailments and medication questions.