COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Next confirmed COVID-19 vaccination clinics hold at our host surgery Tilehurst Village Surgery (TVS):

  • Saturday 13/2/21 8.30am – 12.30pm Cohorts 1-5
  • Tuesday 16/2/21 8.30am – 4pm Cohorts 1-6
  • Saturday 20/2/21 8.30am – 11.30am Cohorts 1-6


  • 1-4 – Care home staff & residents, 70+ year-olds, clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding) patients, health & social care workers
  • 5 – 65-70 year-olds
  • 6 – 16-64 year old clinically vulnerable patients
  • Cohort 5 is invited to the clinic on Saturday 13/2/21
  • Cohort 6 is being invited for the subsequent clinics (this will start to happen over the weekend/Monday morning). Cohort 6 is a very large group so please bear with us if you are experiencing lack of appointments.

Unfortunately these clinics are announced last minute due to TVS receiving confirmation of delivery with as little as 24 hours notice therefore, clinics are being added as soon as we receive confirmation.

Due to receiving the Pfizer vaccine during the weekday and the complexities surrounding it (e.g. requiring it to be used within a few days of delivery) TVS are having to do a clinic on a Tuesday.

If you are in cohort 5 and have not received an text invite or having trouble booking please call us on 0118 958 2525.

If you wish to decline the vaccine please let us know so we can stop sending you invites.

Thank you all for the support and understanding.